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HOT NEW RELEASE! The Lyon’s Paw by Jenna Jaxon

He’s not the type of man to forgive—but he’ll never forget her.

Geoffrey, Lord Longford is between a rock and a hard place. His estates are about to be sold to keep the earldom afloat so without a huge infusion of cash, his life is about to change for the worse. When his best friend suggests Geoffrey marry an heiress, he’s despondent but resigned. Despite his reservations, he seeks out Mrs. Dove-Lyon at The Lyon’s Den to find a suitable young lady with a suitable fortune.

Diana Edgerton sacrificed years of her life taking care of her uncle until he died, but that sacrifice is about to be rewarded handsomely. His will leaves Diana the sole heir to a vast fortune, but with one horrifying stipulation—she must be married in order to inherit it. Unfortunately, terrible rumors about Diana and her uncle have made her all but unmarriageable. In desperation, Diana’s aunt suggests she visit The Lyon’s Den and consult Mrs. Dove-Lyon to arrange a match to save her inheritance.

With two clients seemingly made for each other, a happy ending is all but assured.

Except Geoffrey and Diana have an unfortunate history—one that makes their union almost an impossibility. With so much hanging in the balance, can the two of them overcome the fact they despise one another long enough to secure the possibility of a future together?

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