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**NEW RELEASE** A Whisper of Treason by Lynne Connolly

Marrying the love of her life means Delphi might have to leave the family she is so close to. Forever.

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Marriage isn’t for Delphi…
Only one man ever penetrated Delphi Dersingham’s obsession with the ancient world, and he abandoned her. She tells herself she doesn’t need anything else. Until the morning she is seized and ruthlessly kissed on the steps of Trajan’s Column.

Until Adam comes back…
Astonished to see the love of his life in Rome, Adam, Duke of Kilsyth, claims the kiss he’s been longing for. Under suspicion of being a Jacobite like his father, Adam is threatened with the ruin of everything he has worked for since the death of his father at Culloden. How can he drag Delphi into the mess his life has become? Except, by that impulsive kiss, he does.

Can she marry a traitor? If he is a traitor, that is…

Adam and Delphi discover the dangerous Jacobite plot his brother Frederick is embroiled in. The hare-brained plot to assassinate King George in London threatens Adam and Delphi’s happiness. Nothing is what it seems in this topsy-turvey world. Only one constant remains, their love for each other.

But if they don’t solve a devilish cipher and discover the true culprits, their future together is in peril.

The Daring Dersinghams
A Touch of Silver
A Hint of Starlight
A Trace of Roses
A Whisper of Treason