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**NEW RELEASE** Entranced by the Earl by Jillian Eaton

Sometimes love is hiding in the unlikeliest of earls…

Evelyn Thorncroft wants to marry a duke, but she’ll settle for an earl. The Earl of Hawkridge, to be precise. The only problem? Weston cannot stand the sight of her. At least, that’s what he says. Their passionate kisses, however, tell a very different story…

From the first moment he sees Evie across a crowded ballroom, Weston desires her. The dark-haired American is beautiful, intelligent, and charming. The only problem? She’s a money-grubbing hoyden after his family’s fortune. At least, that’s what Weston tells himself. His heart, however, tells a very different story…

Trapped under the same roof during a house party, Evie and Weston struggle to control their blistering chemistry. Neither are looking for love, and past hurts have made them far too cynical to believe in happily-ever-after.

But when two wounded hearts (and an orphaned lamb) are involved, anything is possible…including true love.

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