**NEW RELEASE** How to Steal a Thief’s Heart by Bree Wolf

What happens when a knight of the road meets a wallflower on a mission?

Book 4 in the bestselling Happy Ever Regency series is now available. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


An unusual wallflower. A knight of the road. And a moment that changed all they thought they knew.

Devoted to the children at her orphanage, Miss Caroline Hawkins hides her beauty behind thick spectacles and drab clothing in order to remain unwed…and free to do as she pleases. While her parents would love nothing more than to see her well married, Caroline is determined to live life on her own terms, refining her disguise to perfection in order to scare off suitors. For years, she’s lived in the shadows of society, unnoticed by the crème de la crème of the ton…

…until Lord Markham, a.k.a. the Black Baron, takes a closer look and realizes that there is more to mousy Miss Hawkins than meets the eye.

Pierce Byrne, Baron Markham, detests English society for their selfish disdain and complete disregard for others, and thus, to even the odds, to give back at least a little, Pierce dons a black mask at night and sets out to rob his fellow peers in order to do what is right…

…until one night when he comes upon yet another carriage and finds a highly unusual woman inside. A woman with a secret of her own. A woman he’s met before.

Determined to uncover her secret, Pierce follows her and before he knows it all he thought he knew is called into question as a mousy wallflower upends his world…and steals his heart.

Happy Every Regency
Book 1 – How to Wake a Sleeping Lady
Book 2 – How to Tame a Beastly Lord
Book 3 – How to Climb a Lady’s Tower
Book 4 – How to Steal a Thief’s Heart
Book 5 – How to Turn a Frog into a Prince
Book 6 – How to Return a Lady’s Slipper