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New Release!! “Lord Misery” by Sydney Jane Baily

A devastated viscount and a woman who won’t take no for an answer.

Book 5 in the “Beastly Lords” series is now available! Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Death runs rampant in Victorian London — with carriage accidents and cholera, childbirth and infantile diseases, and even from a nasty cut or influenza. Yet, for all that, when Lord Turner kissed his wife on an ordinary railway car, he never expected it would be a kiss goodbye. Nor could he ever imagine a cheerful woman with a sunny smile attempting to piece back together his shattered heart.

A devastated viscount…

Jameson Carlyle Turner’s life has been topsy-turvy, from illegitimacy to titled nobility, from a solitary gambler to a happily married husband. When bent steel and a horrific wreckage upend his world, he buries his beloved along with his heart and his happiness.

A woman who won’t take no for an answer…

Maisie Darrow understands grief all too well. She also knows the only way to move on with one’s life is to jump back in with both feet. Longing to help the distraught viscount, she falls irrevocably in love with him, only to have her hopes dashed by a mysterious letter from home.

When she sets out on a seemingly reckless and treacherous path, Jameson vows neither time, nor Maisie’s warm attention will wear down his grief-hardened walls, for he knows he cannot survive another blow.

Can she convince him to risk his heart again despite the swirling winds of uncertainty?

The Beastly Lords Series
Book 1 – Lord Despair
Book 2 – Lord Anguish
Book 3 – Lord Vile
Book 4 – Lord Darkness
Book 5 – Lord Misery
Book 6 – Lord Wrath (Coming Soon)

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