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**NEW RELEASE** Maid for the Knight by Mia Pride

I want ye with a ferocity that frightens me.

Book 3 in the Irvines of Drum is now available! Read for free in Kindle Unlimited.


Abandoned as a wee bairn and lovingly raised by the Keiths, Matilda has spent her entire life pondering her identity. When the truth proves more sinister than expected, she is desperate to hide her shameful secret despite the missives that continue to arrive, threatening both Matilda and her kin. Even death is preferable to losing the trust of those she loves, for surely, the Keiths and Irvines will disown her if they discover their enemy’s blood runs through her veins.

Preferring the life of a traveling knight, Reginald Irvine lives for the moment, never focusing on tomorrow. When ordered to discover the contents of Matilda’s mysterious missives, Reginald relishes the task. He will charm the truth out of the lovely lass, then be off on his next journey. But when Matilda pushes him away and finds herself in danger, Reginald determines to protect her at all costs, even if the cost is losing his life… or his heart.

Tired of the threats, Matilda takes matters into her own hands, and Reginald gladly follows. If their plan succeeds, they will save hundreds of lives. If they fail, they have more to lose than just their heads.

But, when tempers flare, desires are spoken, and attraction turns to passion, the enemy on their heels is no longer the only threat to life as they know it.

Irvines of Drum
Book 1 – For Love of a Laird
Book 2 – Like a Laird to a Flame
Book 3 – Maid for the Knight