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New Release!! “Marquess of Mayhem” Book 3 in the “Sins & Scoundrels” Series

Vengeance with a side of seduction!

Book 3 in the Sins and Scoundrels series is now available. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Morgan, the Marquess of Searle, was presumed dead after a betrayal that nearly cost him his life and saw him detained and tortured by Napoleon’s forces. Now, he’s back in London, scarred and bitter, and hell-bent on vengeance against the man responsible. He doesn’t care if it means destroying an innocent in the process.

Lady Leonora Forsythe is content to lead the quiet life of a spinster. At nine-and-twenty, she’s suffered enough awkward seasons to know she wants nothing more than to find a husband and make a family of her own. When the wickedly handsome Marquess of Searle ruins her, she’s certain he harbors ulterior motives. After all, no man would want an opinionated bluestocking with a deformed ankle as his wife…

Would he?

Morgan never imagined he’d become captivated by Leonora’s keen wit, striking beauty, and gentle kindness. But the more he uses her to gain his revenge on her brother, the more he finds himself drawn to her. Soon, reprisal is the last thing on his mind.

Will he abandon his plans and give Leonora his heart? Or will he give in to the darkness and destroy her love in the name of retribution?

Sins and Scoundrels
Book 1 – Duke of Depravity
Book 2 – Prince of Persuasion
Book 3 – Marquess of Mayhem
Book 4 – Earl of Every Sin
Book 5 – Duke of Debauchery

Grab “Marquess of Mayhem” Today!