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To our FABULOUS readers!

Yesterday we were notified by Amazon that there was an error on their part which resulted in the pre-order for our Lyon’s Den Connected World book “The Lyon Sleeps Tonight” by Elizabeth Ellen Carter being cancelled.

What does this mean?

Anyone who pre-ordered this book will receive an email that the book will not be downloaded to their Kindle or eReader device on release day Wednesday July 15 and will receive a refund for their purchase. This is an issue that Amazon is working on and they have apologized extensively.


Now what?

Due to this unfortunate event, we have had to release the book today, Monday July 13th. We truly apologize for this and ask everyone that purchased this book on pre-order to please follow the link below and purchase the book again.


Downside – You have to order the book again.

Upside You get it a few days earlier!!

Thank you all so much for your patience and support. We hope this never happens again!