We Accept

  • We are strictly a Historical Romance publisher
  • All types of Historical Romance
    • Viking, Regency, Georgian, Tudor, Highlander, Medieval, Victorian, Roman, Civil War, Restoration, Edwardian, etc. Historical for Dragonblade’s purposes is defined as anything pre-20th century. (Excluded: Westerns, Amish)
  • Time Travel (with Historical Romance elements)
  • Historical Fiction (with heavy romantic tones)
  • Historical Mysteries (with some romantic elements)
  • Historical Fantasy (with historically accurate elements – ie, locations, countries, real kings/queens, etc. No ‘created fantasy worlds’ – for example, Game of Thrones or LOTR)
  • An HEA is required, regardless of genre

BIPOC authors are encouraged to submit.

We are an Ownvoices publisher. #ownvoice submissions are encouraged.

M/M, F/F, M/F, LGBTQIA are encouraged to submit.

We Do not Accept


  • Inspirational/Christian Romance
  • YA
  • Children’s Books
  • Poetry
  • Biography/Autobiography
  • Comic
  • Manga
  • Cookbooks
  • DIY
  • Self-Help
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Vampires, shifter Romance
  • Paranormal, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian
  • Previously published works. All material submitted must be new or significantly revised (and proof of rights returned). For previously published works, please submit to our partner publisher, Oliver Heber Books at publisher@oliver-heberbooks.com.

Please find listed below details about our lines and their requirements.

Our Criteria:

  • Between 40,000 and 120,000 words for eBooks.
  • Print eligibility must be a minimum of 40,000 words.
  • In the romance genre any explicit sex must occur between consenting adults. No rape, illegal, or degrading scenes allowed. No bestiality, pedophilia, enslavement, or incest will be considered.
  • Beginning January 2022, we will have a new line of steamy historical romance in Dragonblade Flame line. If you are submitting a book with excessive sex/heat, please direct it to the Flame line in your query subject line.
  • For books with less sexual content, please submit to Dragonblade general line. Dragonblade Editorial has the final determination on what publishing line the series would be better suited for.

Submissions and inquiries should be sent to: query@dragonbladepublishing.com

Queries shall be no more than two pages in length, put in the body of the email, with the first fifty pages/three chapters of the manuscript attached as a PDF.

Allow up to four weeks for a response.