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HOT NEW RELEASE from Cerise DeLand! Get book three in the Naughty Ladies series today!

She’s through with love. Lady Laurel Devereaux prided herself on her sterling reputation, even as she overlooked her two younger sisters’ foibles and their ailing grandfather’s little peccadilloes. She always adored frolicking in fountains and dancing before breakfast. But those were innocent delights compared to the one night she left a ballroom to play the…

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HOT NEW RELEASE from C. H. Admirand! Get book one in The Duke’s Guard series today!

Gwendolyn guards her bruised and battered heart like a warrior… Patrick O’Malley has no time for distractions… The Duke of Wyndmere’s quest to find a nanny for his newborn twins brings yet another applicant to his door. Widowed Gwendolyn Alexander's reputation precedes her as one of the most sought-after nannies among the ton . Patrick O’Malley, head…

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HOT NEW RELEASE from Sandra Sookoo! Get book one in the Willful Winterbournes series today!

Welcome to the extraordinary new series  Willful Winterbournes  from USA Today Bestselling author  Sandra Sookoo . Lightning doesn’t strike twice …  Arthur Charles Winterbourne, Earl of Ettesmere, at the age of forty-four is done indulging in fanciful matters such as love and romance. When his wife died, he was brokenhearted. During the midsummer season, he…

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