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Headshot of author Courtney McCaskill smiling at the viewer.

Author Bio

After reading Black Beauty for the 1,497th time, Courtney McCaskill was inspired to write her own stories. Reviews of her early work were mixed, with her fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Compton, saying, “Please stop writing all of your essays from the point of view of a horse.”

Today, Courtney lives in Austin, Texas with the hero of her own story, who holds the distinction of being the world’s most sarcastic pediatrician. She is reliably informed by her son that she gives THE BEST hugs, “because you’re so squishy, Mommy.” In 2022, Regency Fiction Writers honored her with its Lady of the Realm award in appreciation of her volunteer work, both on its Board of Directors and as the Coordinator of the Regency Academe. When she’s not busy almost burning her house down while attempting to make a traditional Christmas pudding, she enjoys playing the piano, learning everything there is to know about Kodiak bears, and of course, curling up with a great book.

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