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Cynthia's Bio

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single author (or maybe several) in possession of a good novel must be in want of an editor…

Cynthia Blackburn is that editor. She graduated with a BA in English in 1991 and spent time as a middle school teacher, where she developed a thick skin and a wicked sense of humor. Once she became a mom, she escaped the classroom and worked as a freelance editor for a variety of small presses, envisioning herself as a sort of fairy godmother waving her red pen wand to make writer’s dreams come true.

She also writes romantic comedies under several different pseudonyms.

When she’s not hunched over her laptop editing someone else’s books, or working on her own stories, she can usually be found under a blanket of dogs (and a cat) while crocheting random creations and watching documentaries (and stuff) on YouTube. She has two adult children, one teenage son, and one fifty-something-year-old husband of thirty (!) years, who aspires to be a grouchy old man at a young-ish age. She considers herself blessed to be able to edit for the authors of Dragonblade.

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