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Kelsey is an Illinois native, author, wife, mother, animal lover, and owner of an obscenely large To-Be-Read book stash. She fostered her love of reading and writing after a heart condition sidelined her childhood. Early one, she learned the joy of living a thousand lives, experiencing hundreds of new worlds, and, eventually, the true pleasure of providing that same escape to others with her writing. Her passions continued to develop long after surgery restored her health and, to this day, it’s difficult to find her without a book in her hands. She dove headfirst into the romance genre (perhaps) a bit earlier than the recommended minimum age and became rather adept at disguising her reading material. Once exposed to the glittering world of historical romance, she was forever changed. Her love of writing and all things British translated into her future collegiate studies in both English (with an emphasis on British Literature) and History (mainly British and European). She would go on to earn Bachelor’s Degrees in both English and History, as well as a Master’s Degree in English. She finished penning her first story fresh out of high school and has never looked back. Her debut novel, The Baron’s Folly, was published in 2023.

When she’s not reading or writing, she’s usually watching reruns of her favorite shows, streaming just about any true crime show or podcast; obsessively collecting architectural designs, crafts, and recipes on Pinterest; or sketching, crocheting, cooking, and spending time with her family making the amazing memories she’s always dreamt of. She is a diehard supporter of the Oxford Comma and is glued to the TV whenever le Tour de France is on. She is on a never-ending mission to convince her husband that they need pygmy goats, highland coos, and silkie chickens to make their lives complete.

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