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Author Bio

Lily Harlem wears many colourful, feather-adorned hats but being an author is one of her very favourites.

Since leaving an adrenaline-packed eighteen-year career in acute nursing and picking up a pen she hasn’t looked back. With industry awards and bestsellers she has over one hundred novels to her name and many short stories. She’s an indecisive butterfly when it comes to genres and pairings though historical romance has become a firm favourite in the last few years – dashing dukes, dominant Vikings and surly Highlanders, what’s not to love?

She’s British through and through with a Scottish father and English mother. Lily has lived in England, Scotland and presently resides in rural Wales with a desk overlooking rolling hills. Mr Harlem is a constant source of inspiration and his family are Irish so a great deal of time is spent on the Emerald Isle too.

Her characters’ love stories may span the centuries but they all have a few things in common—passion, romance, adventure, a happily ever after…oh and the bedroom door is always left wide open. If you’ve fallen for the hero in a Lily Harlem book you’ll get to know him intimately and discover all of his skills, and his kinks. Enjoy!

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