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Author Bio

Marie Higgins is a multi-award winning, bestselling author of sweet romance novels, from refined bad-boy heroes who make your heart melt to the feisty heroines who somehow manage to love them regardless of their faults. She has been with a Christian publisher since 2010. Between those and her others, she has published over a hundred heartwarming, on-the-edge-of-your-seat stories and broadened her readership by writing mystery/suspense, humor, time travel, and paranormal, along with her love for historical romances. Her readers have dubbed her “Queen of Tease” because of all her twists and turns and unexpected endings.

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Author's library

A Wallflower to Love (Love’s Addiction Book 1)
A Governess to Protect (Love’s Addiction Book 2)
A Maiden to Remember (Love’s Addiction Book 3)
Her Dreamy Deceiver (The Worthington Legacy Book 2)
Her Perfect Scoundrel (The Worthington Legacy Book 1)
Her Adorable Cad
Her Irresistible Charmer: A Regency Historical Romance (The Worthington Legacy Book 4)