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Author Bio

Sandra Sookoo is a USA Today bestselling author who firmly believes every person deserves acceptance and a happy ending. Most days you can find her creating scandal and mischief in the Regency-era, serendipity and happenstance in Victorian America or snarky, sweet humor in the contemporary world. Most recently she’s moved into infusing her books with mystery and intrigue. Reading is a lot like eating fine chocolates—you can’t just have one. Good thing books don’t have calories!

When she’s not wearing out computer keyboards, Sandra spends time with her real-life Prince Charming in central Indiana where she’s been known to goof off and make moments count because the key to life is laughter. A Disney fan since the age of ten, when her soul gets bogged down and her imagination flags, a trip to Walt Disney World is in order. Nothing fuels her dreams more than the land of eternal happy endings, hope and love stories.

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Author's library

The Soul of a Storme (The Storme Brothers Book 1)
The Heart of a Storme (The Storme Brothers Book 2)
The Look of a Storme (The Storme Brothers Book 3)
A Storme’s Christmas Legacy (The Storme Brothers)
The Sting of a Storme (The Storme Brothers Book 4)
The Touch of a Storme (The Storme Brothers Book 5)
The Fury of a Storme (The Storme Brothers Book 6)
Romancing Miss Quill (Willful Winterbournes Book 1)
A Storme’s First Noelle: A Regency Historical Romance Holiday Novella (The Storme Brothers)
Pursuing Mr. Mattingly (Willful Winterbournes Book 2)
Courting Lady Yeardly (Willful Winterbournes Book 3)
Teasing Miss Atherby (Willful Winterbournes)
The Lyon’s Puzzle: The Lyon’s Den Connected World
Guarding the Widow Pellingham (Willful Winterbournes Book 4)
Bedeviling Major Kenton (Willful Winterbournes Book 5)
The Lyon’s Redemption: The Lyon’s Den Connected world
Charming Miss Standish (Willful Winterbournes Book 6)
The Devil’s Game (The Hastings Sisters Book 1)
A Second Summertime Courtship: Regency Historical Romance (The Hasting Sisters Book 2)

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