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Scott Moreland 400 x 400

Scott's Bio

Scott brings a wealth of editing experience to Dragonblade Publishing and its stable of amazing authors. He is also our comic relief. His motto is: If I ever quit acting like a five-year-old child, put me out of my misery!

Scott has degrees from the Schools of Journalism and Business from the University of Montana. He owned and operated his own advertising agency for twenty years, creating and placing marketing campaigns for his clients across the country. Upon retiring at the age of forty-five, he puttered for five years before contacting the Queen of Medieval Romance, Kathryn Le Veque, offering his services as her editor.

Four years later, from that single email to Kathryn, Scott has edited over 400 romance novels and novellas as well as numerous novels in other genres. He edits for multiple USA Today and NY Times Best Selling Authors as well as serving Dragonblade Publishing’s talented authors. His editing services have helped his authors win hundreds of awards both in the United States and internationally. He not only provides line editing, but also developmental editing, character development, historical fact checking and much, much more.

When Scott isn’t editing, he loves a good round of golf.

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