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Two New Books Coming this Week!

DragonBlade Publishing is excited to have two new books releasing on January 10, 2019! Lord Anguish by Sydney Jane Baily is book 2 in the Beastly Lords series.  Governess to the Duke’s Heir by Maggi Andersen is book 4 in the Dangerous Lords series. Grab both books today for the special release price of 99 cents each!

Lord Anguish

Book Two in The Beastly Lords series is a stunning tale of addiction and salvation set in Victorian London. Can a man overcome his opium curse for the woman he loves?

Contented, privileged, and eligible until a carriage accident hurls him to the cobbled street, John Angsley, Earl of Cambrey, awakens to broken bones and a battered head. Can it get worse? Opium, which eases his pain at first, brings suffering of its own, creating Lord Anguish, who must choose between the lure of laudanum and the woman he loves.

Miss Margaret Blackwood is the jammiest bit of jam and all John has ever wanted in a woman. Unfortunately, it’s clear from the start she’s too young and too fickle to make him a good wife, especially with rival suitors cropping up at every turn.

Maggie knows the Earl of Cambrey has dash-fire to spare. In fact, she’s decided he’s the man for her, if only a few irritating matters don’t get in her way—like his two casts, a half-missing eyebrow, and a practically perfect ‘other’ woman. But when she discovers the true insidious rival for his affection, the battle begins in earnest.

Opium addiction and a web of lies…

With the earl changing before her eyes from a thoughtful, kind man into a sneaky, irritable liar desperate for his next dose, Maggie may have to concede defeat and return to the London ballrooms and her many admirers. Will Lord Anguish choose the blissful relief of opium or the unpredictable passion of the dazzling Miss Blackwood?

Engaging characters, attention to period detail, and passionate love bring this fabulous tale to life. Read for free in Kindle Unlimited!

Governess to the Duke’s Heir

Get Book Four in the Dangerous Lords series! Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Andrew, the Duke of Harrow, has returned to his Oxfordshire estate after years away in Vienna on a diplomatic engagement. He left England after losing his beloved wife in childbirth. But his children consider him a stranger, and the new governess disapproves of him.

In hope of restoring his family, he has invited a German baroness who may become the new Duchess of Harrow, and her brother, as his guests. Andrew’s plans do not go to order. Were there three attempts made on his young son William’s life, or are they a string of amazing coincidences? Why would anyone want to harm William? Andrew finds himself working with the governess to discover the truth while keeping his son safe, and disconcertingly, comes to depend on Miss Harrismith, as his respect for her deepens. When the truth finally becomes clear, Andrew faces his feelings, but then finds his chance of happiness snatched away.

Miss Jenny Harrismith, the daughter of an impoverished baron from Yorkshire with six children, leaves home after a disagreement with her father, taking a position as governess to the Duke of Harrow’s two children. After a year at Castlebridge, when the duke barely makes an appearance, she has found a certain peace, and become very fond of her charges. But the duke has arrived home to stay, and suddenly, there is no peace to be found. Frightening things begin to happen. As she fights to keep the duke’s son safe, she finds herself falling in love with his father.

Thrust into danger, and coming close to death, she realizes she must face the truth of what she left behind in York.